You can download our brochure for the crèche here. This includes information such as our hours of operation, our tuition rates, and our Mission Statement.

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Here you will find the results of our anualy survey amongst the Little Daisies parents.
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Our concept of education follows the "Finnish Curriculum" which is used in Finnish crèches and kindergartens. In our carefully thought out classrooms and loving atmosphere, the children are offered the best opportunity to grow, learn and develop. The children's self-esteem is enhanced by the experiences they gain through activities which vary from day to day. They are taught to take responsibility for themselves and others, and how to interact with others. And last but not least, two or more members of staff speak only English with the children. Therefore, the children learn English naturally, as they do their native language.

You can find a description of how we operate, the goals we set and how we organize our day in our Finnish Curriculum
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We offer them the opportunity to develop to their full potential in a safe, positive and creative environment. Every child will feel special at Little Daisies and will learn that they are a valuable part of the group.

In order to reach this goal, we strive to continually develop as individuals and as a team.

In order to feel comfortable, children need a reliable daily schedule. Classroom spaces set up with clear purposes and a well-structured daily routine are an integral part of this principle.

Our classrooms are made up of one room for play, and another which doubles as a nap and gross motor room. In the room used for play, there are various areas: one for building, another for reading, another for drawing and painting, another for playing house, and another for sensory activities. There is also a separate area used for mealtimes. Each group also has its own bathroom with child-size toilets and sinks. See more in the picture gallery.

The daily routine is similar in all groups. You can find more information about how we structure the day at Little Daisies here: download PDF.